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Dri-Tek Carpet Care

The Dri-Tek system has been used for 15 years. We provide excellent cleaning results in a multitude of different environments whether it be residential or commercial. 

Country House

Our Process

Our process has been improved on over our 15 years of service, now leaving us with the ability to produce satisfying results that will improve the cleanliness and appearance of your home or business.

Modern Conference Room

Cleans Carpets thoroughly. 

We deep clean your carpets so you get the refreshed look you desire. 

Golden Retriever

Family and pet safe products.

We do not use anything that will harm your pets or your children, you can feel confident and safe after our work is done. 

Quick Drying Action

Our system allows your carpets to not only be clean, but DRY in 1-2 hours after our cleaning. 

Cozy Living Room

A Soft Touch

We do NOT use hard or abrasive scrubbing techniques that will leave your carpet damaged or worn looking. Our system will safely and gently deep clean your carpets, leaving them looking fresh.  

Carpet in Living Room
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