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DRI-TEK Carpet Care

Advanced carpet cleaning for your residence, commercial enterprise and more

DRI-TEK brings the latest technology in dry carpet cleaning to your home or office with little disruption to your residence or business.

Our cleaning process is environmentally safe, utilizing no toxic chemicals or detergents. And since minimal water is used in our process, carpets are usually dry and ready for use in about an hour.

The DRI-TEK system works on a molecular level, employing a bonding agent and catalyst that work to clump soil and stain particles together, raising them to the surface of the carpet and removing them. By avoiding the deep water soaking in conventional cleaning processes, the risk of bacteria and mildew growth, along with quick resoiling, is eliminated.

Carpets cleaned by DRI-TEK are left soft, pH balanced, fresh smelling, and bright and clean.

Serving West Michigan and beyond

DRI-TEK has been serving customers throughout West Michigan and points further afield since 2004.

We provide carpet cleaning services for a variety of venues, including home, office, marine, restaurant, hotel/motel, church and more.

Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate or to ask any questions you may have about our service.

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