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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to move everything before you arrive?

We only ask that you move breakable items. As for couches, chairs, tables etc...we can move those for you, clean, and then put them back in their original place. Extremely heavy objects such as pianos and entertainment centers are normally left in place and worked around.

Will I need to vacuum first?

No. Part of the DRI-TEK system includes vacuuming first with a multi-cyclonic, air tight HEPA filtration vacuum to remove the lose, dry debris prior to applying any liquid.

Is the DRI-TEK system pet safe?

Yes. Because our system is pH balanced, there is no residue and no toxic chemicals are left behind. Your carpets will be soft to the touch and safe for your pets.

Can you also clean upholstery, such as couches and chairs while you're here?

Yes, the DRI-TEK system works equally well on upholstery as it does on carpeting. This system is also an excellent way to remove stains and odors and freshen your vehicle's carpeting as well.

How frequently should I have my carpets cleaned?

On average it is recommended that you have your carpets cleaned once per year. Homes with children and pets may require more frequent cleaning. One of the many benefits of the DRI-TEK system is that it is gentle on the carpet and padding, which means more frequent cleaning will prolong the life of your carpeting without breaking down the fibers.

I'm concerned about my daughter's allergies to mold and mildew. How will your system affect her?

Since minimal liquid is used, the padding is not soaked like it is with traditional carpet cleaning. Therefore, the DRI-TEK system is ideal for families with allergies.

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