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The DRI-TEK Advantage

The DRI-TEK Carpet Dry-Cleaning System

  • Cleans carpets thoroughly and safely for family and pets
  • Leaves behind no irritating residues or toxic chemicals
  • Leaves carpets soft to the touch
  • Dries quickly, usually in less than 2 hours
  • Reduces resoiling rate

How does the DRI-TEK system measure up to the competition?

Minimal amount of liquid YES NO NO
Ready to use within 2 hours YES NO NO
pH balanced YES NO NO
Soil-attracting residues NO YES YES
Abrasive brushes or scrubbing NO YES YES
Possible mildew and odors NO YES YES
Possible damage from heat NO YES YES
Possible discoloration or dullness NO YES YES
Possible shrinkage NO YES YES
Possible overwetting leading to rotting, browning and slow drying NO YES YES

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